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We are celebrating our 25th year in business and we want to thank our many clients for their continued patronage.

Our biggest asset is our concentration on the development of relationships, continuous advancement in technology and creative design. 

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Services We Currently Offer 

At Director's Chair Video Productions, we specialize in a variety of video-related services. Our company films dozens of commercials and specialized videos for clients each year. Thousands of individuals come to us with their video conversion needs, too. By specializing in a couple of services, we're able to better serve each customer. We'd never stretch ourselves too thin and provide customers with lackluster results. 

Commercial Services 

For commercial clients, we offer a variety of video production services. We're capable of filming effective commercials with high production values. Our team handles documentaries and special video projects throughout the year. On a smaller scale, we can handle safety programs and educational videos, depending upon a client's needs. Expert editors can create incredible videos or refine existing projects. Filming is tackled on premises whenever possible, but our team is more than willing to film at other locations. 

Consumer Services 

For consumers, our company provides video transfer services for all media types. This includes 8mm, Beta, VHS, and other formats. We often transfer such formats into DVDs or computer files, based upon the needs of individual customers. Of course, older media formats are delicate, and mistakes can lead to permanently destroyed videos. Our team takes extreme care with each media format during the transfer process to avoid problems. We know how important video memories are for clients after all. 

We provide consumers with a handful of other services, too. Consumers often come to us for picture transfers from one format to another. For instance, paper photos can be turned into digital copies, or printed in a larger format without loss of quality. We can assist customers in putting their photos and videos on the Web for the entire world. The team handles video and photo productions for consumers from time to time. Therefore, individuals shouldn't hesitate to check out our full suite of services. 

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